December 19, 2019

The Internal Quest Show with Danielle | Ep 87 | Official | Special Guest DJ Priority

87 (Official) The crew is back to close out the decade with a special guest @DJPriority! @InternalQuest @Danielle.FUTW and @SometimesIRap reminisce on early Beat Battles with DJ Priority in Newark and how to revamp Beat Battles in 2020. DJ Priority discusses his progression as a Producer with his new program #EverythingOfficial EP with #ToneLiv. 

Not to forget, #RIPJuiceWrld #RIPPoppaWu and #FavoriteArtistsof2019 #LizzoBannedfromStaplesCenter #BeatBattles #NickCannonVSEminem #LoveAndHipHopNYCOriginalCastReturns

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Bigger and Better in 2020!