June 21, 2012

[ Mixtape ] Ray Ban Music From Piff Beatz

New Mixtape from New Jersey Producer MTP IPA Champion [ @piffbeatz ] Piff Beatz

1.Ray Bans (Intro-Mental) - Chad Piff 
2.Chiccen Shacc Dinners -Fah Blizza, Cannon Jones, Su The Mack, Miss Meeka
3.Real Nxghas - Tsu Surf Feat Suicide Ru, Haff (151 Feva Gang)
4.Presidential Flow Pt 1 - Denity, Internal Quest, Papi Storz, Sintins, Broadway Blake
5.Riding - Haff (151 Feva Gang) Feat Mike Mula
6.There She Go SS Remix - Chad Piff, Suicide Ru, Quiz (Gria Bros), Whiteboy, King Brazy, Jelahn Kruz
7.SexyTime - Doobie Bad Asz, Chad Piff, Haff (151 Feva Gang), Bleszt
8.Drown - Haff (151 Feva Gang) feat Tax G, Trouble (Sour Gang)
9.Trippin - Chad Piff, LB (Gria Bros), Quiz (Gria Bros), Aitch
10.Hair - Chad Piff, Mike Mula, Mars Hoffa
11.Dont Love Em - Tsu Surf, Mike Mula
12.Lovin me 2 Much - Hash 100's
13.Presidential Flow Pt 2 - M.I.L.. Kore, Rap Phenom, Mike Mula, Push Buttinz
14.Spotlight Final - Photo 973
15.Fiendin - Bleszt Feat Sireal
16.All I Need - Broadway Blake
17.View From The Top - Wize Crack
18.Ready - Internal Quest FT Oriana
19.Sheesh - Haff (151 Feva Gang), Su The Mack