September 11, 2011

Where Was I 10 years ago | Remember 9/11

On September 11th, 2001 i was ready to start taking my music career  more seriously so me and my active manger at the time Marquis set a 
date the week pior to visit The Institution Of Audio Research for the first time to see if i really wanted to attend. My meeting was set for 
11am 9/11 i was awken from a call from my mother who was working at the Hilton Hotel in Newark NJ by Newark Airport. She called me 
started around 9am telling me a plane flew into the one of the Twin Tower buildings. I woke up turned on the tv it was all over the news i 
was thinking maybe it was just a independent pliot who had a plane malfunction and accidentally hit the tower. After the 2nd plane hit i knew that this was something a little more serious than i thought. im not going to sit here and lie. I WAS SCARED. It was always a reality check that EVEN the almighty USA can be attacked in this magnitude. I unhooked all my Hard Drives 
trying to save sum session threw some clothes in a book-bag and started calling all of my friends out in NY to make sure they was safe. This 
day certainly changed my life and alter the lives of many people. Remember 9/11 Remember the ones we lost and cherish everything we have. 

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