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February 2, 2009

Heros Tracklist

1-Heros Intro
2-Oh No - DGC x Internal Quest x Jwellz x Mar Hoffa x Weet
3-Different World - B.E. x G x Internal Quest x DGC
4-Screw Em - G
5-About That Time - Myk Dyaleks x Ms.Porsh
6-For NJ - Mars Hoffa x DGC x Intenal Quest x Weet x J-Wellz
7-Generic Girl - Cion x Internal Quest x Mars Hoffa x Lyrics To Go
8-Not Fair - Myk Dyaleks x Internal Quest x J-Wellz x Weet x Broadway Blake
9-Never Sleep - Lyrics To Go
10-Nov 4 2008 - Mars Hoffa x Internal Quest x G
11-Somebody - G
12-Day and Night - Ms.Porsh
13-Gullotine - World Class Wrecking Crew
14-Style Not Free - Weet
15-Right Wrong - Weet x Internal Quest x Mars Hoffa
16-Shooter - Ms.Porsh x G
17-Hip Hop Soul - Weet x Internal Quest x JL
18-Fight The Feeling - DGC
19-Create - Lyrics To Go x Internal Quest x Ms.Porsh x Myk Dyaleks x Cion x Weet
20-When It Rains - Lyrics To Go x Internal Quest x Deal
21-Wont Do - Myk Dyaleks & Deal (Rip Dilla)
22-Heros Outro

Produced By Internal Quest
Tracks 2,4,7,9,10,20

Produced By Craft Aka Future
Tracks 6,8,11,14,15

Produced By JL
Track 17,19