September 22, 2008

Sad Sunday!

Lets Start From Sunday Morning

Couldnt Record My labelmates(pissed me off)

Steelers lost

so my girl(havenlee) says this movie(below) is a great movie and im thinking ok...why not...well im gonna spoil this movie i really dont care...anyways...the movie is about these kids who use there imagination to turn a forest into a fantasy world with make believe creature and shit. now the movie wasnt bad...UNTIL THE DAMN BITCH DIES!!!!! the lil girl dies in the moive and im like they try to make it better but im still fucked up by the lil girl in the movie dying it was a sad sad movie

So whats coming on next...Pursuit of Happyness(below)...i dont even know why in gods name did i even attempt to watch this movie...they should have changed the name of this movie to "Will Smith and his son are going to try to make you cry you life way" now im a straight G so i aint cry but the movie was heartbreaking...even tho he came out on top it still didnt matter...

but day is a new day because my one of my fav tv shows of all time is back on the air