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April 12, 2008

Vista WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I been kinda mia on the personal music tip because i just got a new laptop with muthafucking windows vista aka The Devil OS...i never cam across a more buggy system in my damn life i mean even windows 95 had to be less buggy than this shit...well right now im having a sound problem...SOUND PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!! being a producer i need not to have a DAMN SOUND PROBLEM....being a asshole like i am instead of immediately taking it back like my girlfriend suggested my gun ho ass decided i was gonna goggle all night and try to figure it out...well after about 2 night of updates an driver installations...i give gonna take the damn laptop back and downgrade to xp....yes downgrade crazy shit...but i tell you one thing i aint never copping no mac i aint never ever...ever...piff...lyirc...rhymesik...buying a mac im not going to support that pimp steve jobs but i will admit bill gates and Sigmatec Audio....your gay....i mean uber gay...but i got new music coming soon sorry people...i guess vista aint that bad but the audio problem is the worst...pz